Monday, July 30, 2012

Do Cetane Improving Additives Really Improve Fuel Quality?

You are driving your Ford diesel and you begin to notice it doesn't have the power it used to have and just isn't performing like you think it should.  No trouble lights are on and it still runs ok.  The problem could just be as simple as a fuel additive.  Some places sell diesel fuel with too low of a cetane rating.  Your cetane number translates into fuel economy and better performance.  Our Service Writers in the Service Department at White's Canyon Motors recommend using our boosters following the directions right on the bottle.  We keep them on the shelf and available as there is a high demand from our customers, especially the ones using them as work vehicles.  We have both the summer and winter types available.  This is a quick easy fix to save money on diesel fuel and get the best performance out of you pickup.  Just stop in at White's Canyon Motors in Spearfish, SD and ask our Parts guys to set you up!  You can also contact us through our website at for any questions or if you need it shipped directly to you.

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